What is a Yard Curb?

A Yard Curb is a continuous custom concrete border extruded from a landscape curb machine creating an extremely durable and permanent border between flower beds and lawns.

Economical and Durable

Concrete curbing is more economical and durable than traditional plastic edging. Concrete curbing by Curb Creations, is made to replace standard landscape edging such as plastic, metal and wooden edging that is sold at most landscape supply and home improvement stores.

Does not Decompose or Move

Unlike the standard landscape edging, our concrete curbing will not decompose like wood or move like brick with the passage of time. Instead, our concrete curbing will offer a clean edge appearance that will add value and definition to your property, and curb appeal.


Concrete borders are a cost effective, low maintenance ways to create permanent finishing touches to your lawn, reducing time consuming yard work and increasing property values. The various curb styles that we offer will reduce edging, trimming and time spent maintaining the landscaping. Concrete curbs are an attractive and durable investment in your property that will last for years to come.